Theater FAQs

Theater FAQs

Where are performances held? Theater FAQs

Family Concert Series
Josephine Muller Auditorium
Abington Friends School, 575 Washington Lane, Jenkintown, PA 19046

Kurtz Center
William Penn Charter School, 3000 West School House Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Spring Showcase
Josephine Muller Auditorium
Abington Friends School, 575 Washington Lane, Jenkintown, PA 19046

Who needs to purchase a ticket? Theater FAQs

All persons, infants through adults, are required to present a valid ticket in order to enter the theatre.

How old should my child be to attend the ballet? Theater FAQs

You and your child will best enjoy your ballet experience if your child is able to sit quietly for an hour without a snack or a bathroom break. It is also important to choose the most appropriate program to attend, as some works will more easily capture and keep a child’s attention. Our Family Concert Series is specifically designed for young audiences, and is a great introduction to live performance!

When should I arrive? What if I arrive late?

Please allow enough time for unexpected traffic and/or parking delays. Doors typically open 20 minutes prior to curtain, and it is a good idea to locate and settle in your seat(s) approximately 10 minutes before the curtain rises. If you arrive late, please do not attempt to enter the theatre right away, as the darkness and distraction could lead to injury for patrons and/or dancers. Please respect our volunteers in the theatre lobby, who will seat you at the earliest possible opportunity, usually during an appropriate break in the program

May I take pictures during the performance?

No. Photography is distracting and can be dangerous to our dancers. For the safety of our students, all photography is prohibited except for our professional photographer. Personal photography may also violate various copyright laws.

May I electronically record the performance?

No. Due to copyright laws, Metropolitan Ballet Academy and Company prohibits photography, audio recording, or video recording of rehearsals and/or performances. Professionally filmed DVDs of select performances may be available for purchase.

What is the policy regarding cell phone use in the theatre?

Please refrain from all cell phone use while in the auditorium, including texting! Even if your phone is set to silent/vibrate, the screen light is very distracting to both performers and other patrons.

May I eat or drink in the theatre? Theater FAQs

No. Food and drinks are not permitted in the auditorium. Water may be available for purchase in the lobby during intermission, but please plan on eating before or after the performance.

What if the weather is bad?

In most cases, the show will go on! If you’re unsure about a possible cancellation, please check our Facebook page or call the Metropolitan Ballet office at 215.663.1665.

Thank you, and enjoy the show! Theater FAQs Theater FAQs