Boys' Curriculum Auditions & Policies

Boys' Curriculum Auditions & Policies

Boys’ Curriculum

Creative Movement Boys’ Curriculum Auditions & Policies

The Boys’ Scholarship Program accepts students at age seven. Boys younger than age seven who are interested in dance are highly encouraged to enroll in our Creative Movement program.

Boys’ Scholarship Program Boys’ Curriculum Auditions & Policies

All boys enrolled in the Boys’ Scholarship Program are required to attend their assigned, all-male class or classes in order to meet the terms of the scholarship agreement. Students who are meeting the minimum requirements for their level are permitted and encouraged to attend additional co-ed classes (at their level or below), free of charge. Please ask which additional classes would be most appropriate.

Beginning: Levels 1 and 2 Boys’ Curriculum Auditions & Policies

Formal classical training begins. Particular attention is given to postural alignment, proper technique, and musicality, within a high-energy, all-male atmosphere. The Friday technique class is required. Additional classes are encouraged.

Intermediate: Levels 2X, 3, 3X

Strength and stamina are the focus, with special attention given to the introduction of men’s jumps and turns. The Friday technique class is required. One additional weekly ballet technique class is also required. Additional classes are encouraged.

Advanced: Levels 4, 4X, 5

Strength and stamina continue to build. Longer and more challenging choreographic combinations are introduced as students strive for both athletic and artistic development. Classes include repertoire, variations, partnering, and modern dance. Participation in the Metropolitan Ballet Company is encouraged and provides the students with specialized coaching, guest choreographers and teachers, and additional performing opportunities. The Tuesday and Friday men’s technique classes and two additional technique classes are required. Additional classes are encouraged.

boys curriculum auditions policies

Photograph by Miki Wray

Auditions & Policies Boys' Curriculum Auditions & Policies


Metropolitan Ballet Company will hold auditions for its renowned Boys’ Scholarship Dance Program on Saturday, June 10, 2023 at 9:00AM.

No prior dance experience or pre-registration is required for the audition; boys should arrive ready to dance at 9:00 am in gym clothes or dance attire.

Please call the Metropolitan office to discuss your interest at 215-663-1665. 


Acceptance into the Boys’ Scholarship Program represents a tuition award for an academic year-long program, divided into three 12-week trimesters, for a total of 36 weeks of instruction.

The Boys’ Scholarship Program award does not include tuition-free participation in the Bridge program or Summer Intensive. Some scholarship funding is available for these programs; interested students should apply separately and in writing.

Class attendance requirements for the Boys’ Scholarship Program differ depending upon the student’s assigned level.

By enrolling in the Boys’ Scholarship Program, parents and students agree to abide by all Metropolitan Ballet Company/Academy Studio Policies.