52 MBA Students Dance in Pennsylvania Ballet’s The Nutcracker

December 28th, 2009 |

For each of the past ten years, MBA students have been invited to participate in Pennsylvania Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker. This is such an honor for our school. This year, 52 Met students will be featured in the production — 10 of our boys and 42 of our ladies:

Peter Weil and Darius Black as the Prince, Lucas Tischler and Juan Castellanos as the mischievous little brother Fritz, along with boys: Christian Brodbeck, Justin Geiss, Christian Lavallie, Thomas Leonard, Daniel Shevelev and Adam Weil.

And girls: Maria Santangelo as Marie with Rosalie Baseman, Sophia Lane, Katherine Locke-Brubaker & Nancy Wenger in Party, Kylie Purcaro as Bunny, Vanessa Di Bucci as Sentry, Ashley Hillis & Pearl Ramke as Trumpeter, and Kaylee Delagol, Julia LoPolito, Gabriela Montoya, Ashley Myerson, Becca Neckritz, Mia Panzak, Roxanne Rosenberg, Jillian Price, Madeline Reich, Nadia Saleh, Marielle Silberman, Maria Sperger, Claudia Steel and Brianna Yarnoff as soldiers.

Act II girls include: Esperanza Badeau, Olena DeAngelo, Grace Fiorella, Olivia Fiorella, Marguerite Gelfin, Alexis Pickering, Kylie Purcaro, Brynn Tallarida, Samantha Staples, Isabella Straface and Emily Warden as Angels, Elizabeth Hansel, Ashley Hillis, Sophia Lane, Katherine Locke-Brubaker, Jillian Price, Pearl Ramke, Marielle Silberman, Nancy Wenger and Brianna Yarnoff as Pollichinelles, and Rosalie Baseman, Devon DiBello, Tatiana Di Bucci, Leah Friedman Sierra Levin, Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan, Valerie Santangelo in Hoops.

Additionally, advanced dancers Phoebe Gavula & Leah McCormick will be dancing company roles in Tea and Hot Chocolate. Congratulations all!